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New Condo FAQ

Living in a newly built condominium brings all of today’s greatest benefits in modern living to your fingertips. At Lakeshore Pointe, residents get to live in an energy-efficient building with access to the latest amenities such as a state-
of-the-art fitness centre, a chic year-round rooftop party room, a rooftop terrace overlooking Lake Nipissing and an impressive hotel-style lobby with ample seating.

As a new condominium, Lakeshore Pointe also incorporates some of the latest future-friendly features such as electric
car charging stations and communal office space that intelligently addresses today’s work-from-home reality. For more
details on many of Lakeshore Pointe’s world-class amenities, read the answers to our most frequently asked questions

Will the rooftop party room be open all year round?
Yes, it is heated and cooled so you can enjoy the blissful lake views across all the seasons.

What is included on the rooftop terrace?
There will be green areas, seating, tables and gas barbeques for use by all the residents.

What is the work from home library?
The work from home library is a warm and welcoming communal space with a relaxed coffee-house vibe where you can
work from home peacefully. Come by if you are meeting a team or simply if you need a change of scenery from your suite.
Included are booths and free-standing chairs and tables.

Will all building amenities including the gym, rooftop terrace, party room, and work-from-home library be
finished and ready for use upon occupancy?

Yes, all amenities will be open and available for residents to use and enjoy at the time of occupancy.

Is there a separate storage area for my bicycle and other belongings?
Yes, there are both lockers for golf clubs, skis, etc. and a bike storage area for your bike.

How will the building security and access work?
Access to the building will be restricted. To enter, residents must use their security card. Guests must phone the resident
to unlock the door. This same security card will be used for entering the locker rooms, bike storage and exercise room.

Is there WIFI in the building?
There will be WIFI available in all amenity areas. Within the suites, residents are responsible for their own internet

I heard you’re using a heat pump system. Will this stand up to North Bay’s cold, northern climate?
Heat pumps work well in northern climates. The system features a heat pump in each suite, with a heat pump loop and
boilers sized for North Bay’s demanding temperatures, plus an extra margin of safety. We realize that in North Bay during the spring and fall, some like it hot and some do not; with individual heat pumps in
each unit, each resident can independently decide what temperature they wish to maintain.

What type of insulation and soundproofing will be installed between the units?
The building will be constructed in accordance with the Ontario Building Code for a sound transmissions class (STC)
rating of 50 between units. This is a large amount of noise reduction (in the range of 40 dB). Before construction starts,
the design is tested using noise and vibration modelling software to confirm it meets this requirement.

Where do we put our household waste?
There are two garbage chutes on every floor. One chute is for recyclables only.

Are pets allowed in my condo?
Yes. No weight limit and no limit of number of pets allowed per condo.

I would like to invest in Lakeshore Pointe. Can I purchase more than one suite?
Yes, you can purchase multiple suites, however your choice of suites is subject to availability at the time of purchase.

Can I purchase at Lakeshore Pointe under a company name?
Yes, your purchase can be made in a company name but an individual must also be included on the title.

What are the deposit terms for Lakeshore Pointe?
The deposit structure is as follows:

  • $5,000 down on signing
  • Balance to 5% of purchase price in 90 days
  • $1,500 per month until November 2023
  • Balance to 10% of purchase price due December 2023
  • 5% of purchase price due on January 2025
  • 5% of purchase price due on occupancy (estimated June 2025)

What do I have to pay per month to live in Lakeshore Pointe?
There are monthly condo maintenance fees. Residents are also responsible for their water, electrical and internet utilities.